Bird Hunting Mania! HD App Review

Bird Hunting Mania! HD is one of the newest and addictive games to hit the App store.  It is filled with bright colors, enticing antics, and challenges that has made it very exciting to play.  At first it might not seem like much; but once you begin to hunt, you'll soon notice how strategic it becomes.  The concept is simple; catch as many exotic birds as you can to bring back to Earth in order to start a colony.  You are going to save the world from bird extinction; so get ready to hunt!

When initially logging on; the menu page provides different options to help with navigation.  There are easy “how to play” instructions available as well as “options” that allow you control the sound.  For the ultimate experience; keep the wildlife and soothing background music while playing.  You'll really feel as though you're in the jungle!  The “Collection” option allows you to check your bird inventory and finally; the “Start” button brings you the hunt.  Don't forget to check out your personal ranking located at the top right. 

bird hunting mania iphone app review

Once you begin; a line of clouds will transform your screen into a lush area with exotic birds.  The goal is to use the nets that are provided to catch as many birds as you can.  The bottom bar allows you to control the size of nets which is important with strategy.  By clicking on the “plus” sign; you can increase your net size.  It will reach as high as eight providing an extremely large net that can catch just about anything. 

You can fire and aim by tapping your screen on the exact bird that you're hunting for.  However, it's important to be aware of surrounding birds.  The entire screen can fill with up ten different species in a variety of sizes.  The HD color is absolutely breathtaking to see.  When this happens; if you are aiming for a bird located at the top, the net will catch the first thing that it hits.  In other words; you have to make sure there is a straight open line to your target. 

Each time you catch a bird; your coins will increase.  The bigger the bird that is caught; the more coins that you will receive.  This is important as the coins are used for ammunition.  However, once it hits low; the system will automatically begin to slowly fill them again.  If you want; you can purchase coins at the store, but you won't see the game mentioning this feature often.  This is very convenient while playing at your leisure.  The difficultly of the game lies in trying to catch the larger birds such as the Falcon and Macaw.  One net isn't very effective; so you'll have to empty out some ammunition to succeed. 

bird hunting mania game review

At the top of the screen; you will see your ranking starting with “Amateur Hunter”.  To the right; the camera will take a picture of the current screen and give you the option of sharing via Facebook and Twitter.  The cage located in the far top right gives you an update on your current level status and what has been accomplished.  The array of bird species will increase as you complete levels along with the difficulty and weapon choices.

Bird Hunting Mania! HD is exactly what the title states.  There are many challenges and trophies to be won, birds to catch, and beautiful detail and colors to experience while playing this game.  At first it may just seem like you're throwing random nets, but once you begin to play; you will get sucked in.  It's practically a guarantee!

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