Bam! Jr. App Review

If you've been looking for a game that will keep the kids occupied; then Bam! Jr. is what you have been looking for.  This particular game is fast paced, practicing colors, and really stimulates the brain with optical illusions.  In other words, you have to be pretty quick to win this game.  So, what is the overall object?

First off, when you initially get the main screen; you will see many different pictures with various colors in a rectangular format.  You will see a sign to “Pick your color” to begin the game, but if you're still unsure of how to play; the bottom right will show you directions.  In the meantime; pick your colors!  You can have up to 8 players for every color and once they have been tapped; you will hear a boinking noise and your color will highlight with black writing. 

BAM! Jr. for iPad

A suggestion to the developer would be to identify them with numbers for the players especially if many people are playing.  This will help you identify and remember your personal choice.  The colors itself are a bit tricky.  You have a large background of one color with a picture in the middle of another.  For instance; the dark blue background has a yellow flower in the middle while the yellow background has a blue duck.  This will easily confuse you in the game, but that is its purpose. 

Once everyone has chosen their color; the big sign that says “Go” will start the game.  This is when the entire screen becomes the various of colors that were originally chosen.  The object is to tap the screen when your color appears.  If you miss your turn, then you have officially lost.  It starts off very slow in order for the players to get a hang of things until it speeds up and becomes very difficult.  The bottom left shows the remaining time of the current color.  It typically starts with five seconds.  Each time the color passes or is tapped; the time becomes faster.  In fact, you can tell by the bottom right number that will continuously increase.

BAM! Jr. for iPhone

Another suggestion to the developer would be to allow some type of noise to indicate that you have correctly tapped your color.  As of right now; there isn't an indication of any kind and this can be very confusing.  The game will end when everyone has missed their color except the last person standing.  This is when the game will show the winner, based on color of course.  The downfall is that because there aren't numbers to indicate players; if someone taps the wrong color, the game will automatically identify the player that did it.  Unfortunately; it can be wrong since it cannot correctly identify the player.  This would easily be fixed with number indications. 

Bam! Jr. is a great game for the kids to be occupied and stimulated.  With some small tweaks and updates; this game can be great!  However, for the parents; there is a disclaimer on the main page that is important to read.  Bam! Jr. is not liable for any damage that tapping may cause to your device; so make sure not to slam your finger down each play.  It doesn't take very much for the game to identify your tap and you can tell when the color quickly disappears afterward.  Regardless; it will keep the kids on their toes to win the game.  

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