Avas Flowers Official App Review

The Avas flowers app is, to my knowledge, unique on the app store in selling flowers and flower delivery to people in any area of the country, all from their smart phone.  When first downloading the app I was skeptical about how effective it would be to view and purchase flowers on my phone but I was very pleasantly surprised about how easy it really was.  Avas clearly took the time and money necessary to make a best in class app.

The app is, simply put, a way to view and order flowers online and have them delivered to people.  There are hundreds of different types of flowers and arrangements available for purchase and each one has a beautiful, high quality, image of it so you can see exactly what it is going to look like when it arrives.  Browsing through their seemingly endless number of options is quick and easy, even when using 3G internet to get the latest images of their flower arrangements.

avas flowers iPhone app review

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The arrangements are broken up into all different categories so finding exactly what you’re looking for is very simple.  From ‘Hot Deals’ to ‘Sympathy’ or even gift baskets, there are eight primary categories to choose from and those are further broken down to get to exactly what you want.  For example, choosing the ‘by holiday’ category opens up a sub-menu for each of ten chosen holidays from Easter to Christmas, it even has things like ‘Administrative Professionals Day’.  Any day where sending flowers is customary is going to be easily found in this way.

This app did not stop just with providing an easy to order flowers from your phone either, they have a lot of great resources available to help people as well.  Their ‘flower wiki’ for example contains information about virtually every type of flower in the world.  Information about what the flowers typically represent to how much care they will need and how long they will live is available with just a tap on your phone. 

Once you’ve decided on what flower arrangement to order, the purchase and delivery process is also extremely easy.  Simply entering in your information into the easy to use form and that’s it.  The order will be created when you place the order and delivered to whomever you wish.  They can even often do same day delivery on many orders which makes it even more useful. 

Avas flowers for iPhone

Many people will also appreciate that not only is using this app extremely simple and convenient but the flowers available are also less expensive than just about any other flower delivery service.  The Avas flowers app works to be able to provide its customers with the absolute lowest prices possible without sacrificing on quality at all.

Whether you need to send sympathy flowers for a death, or apologize for messing up with the wife, this app will save you lots of time and money whenever you need flowers delivered.  It can be done in just a matter of minutes without even having to sit down at a computer.  


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