Apps for Boys&Girls Review

One of the most difficult things about having children is finding good games for them which are both entertaining and appropriate.  If you have an iPod or iPhone and are looking for some guidance in this area than getting the Apps for boys and Apps for Girls are really a great way to go.  These two great apps are basically custom versions of apple's app store but with only apps for boy or girl children. 

The apps are mostly games and they are all recommended by other parents whose children have enjoyed them.  This makes finding and buying some games that you know you're kids will love much faster and easier than ever before.  Since the games have been suggested by parents you can be more confident that they won't have the adult content that some games today have, but will still be fun.

apps for girls review

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The layout of each app is pretty easy to use.  Both apps have a featured section where you or your children can find some of the most recommended games out today.  Then you can also go to the categories breakdown. 

The categories include storybooks, eduction, music and Awesome games.  The boys version has “ACTION PACKED” as a category as well while the girls version has “Fashion and Style”.  This makes it quick and easy to find exactly what you're looking for without having to browse through the thousands of apps on the traditional store.

Click through and reading the descriptions of the apps is nice and simple. It includes pictures of the app and a brief description as well.  When browsing through all the different suggestions it is nice and easy to just click download on the ones you're interested in.  It then connects you to the apple app store to put in your user name and password for security and to make sure your kids don't buy apps when they are not supposed to.

apps for boys

If you ever find an app which you love but have not found on either of these two great apps you recommend one quickly and easily right from the app.  It lets you make recommendations easily and share why you think the apps is great.

Another great thing about these two apps is that they have quite a few free apps listed so you can usually find something fun which your children will love without having to spend a dime.  This is great for those days when the kids are begging for another new app but you don't want to waste the money. 

The apps are updated regularly so there is almost always something new available.  They even offer push notifications so you can be notified as soon as a new game recommendation pops up for you.  This makes it even more convenient since you don't have to open the app constantly to see if there is anything new for the kids.   Just about every parent will love how easily this app makes finding and buying new apps for your children.

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