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Do you want to look at your iDevice's memory usage and be able to tell if your system is running error free? How about checking how long your iDevice has been turned on and used by you during the day? With Techet's System Status -- device activity monitor app, you can. This is the ultimate iDevice system information utility -- which tracks, monitors and even assists in finding the most efficient way to run your iDevice. It does this by showing you an event log and allows you to monitor a wide range of task running in the background of your system.

System Status has monitoring for general iOS features on top of: system battery, wireless 3G and Wi-Fi  networks, system and disk monitoring, process and CPU monitoring, and hardware information. If you want to find the culprit that's causing your system to get boot up errors or crash occasionally, with this app you can. It will show you the detail overview of your iDevice's internal components in action. The app is also supported by every iDevice available as a universal app.

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System status for iPhone and iPad

A lot of you may simply be curious how the internal components affect each other; and run simultaneously under the hood of your touchscreen and hard shell. You may also want to know how certain apps affect the performance and especially memory constraints of your iDevice's entire system. This app offers a way to do both of these things in a simple and intuitive manner.

System Status reminds me of those video card over-clocking PC apps -- which also have GPU monitoring -- That I used to tinker with back when I was a heavy PC gamer. Apps like ATITool for example had these features. Unlike those apps, however, you can't brick your iDevice or cause it to have artifacts appearing on-screen if you overclock it. In fact, you can't actually change too many settings or tinker too much with your hardware outside of just monitoring the system activities. You can gather information -- like if you have too many apps running in the background through heavy multitasking -- and use the information to free up space though

As an iPad user who only has a 16GB version of the tablet, I really love the "Disk Usage" monitoring this app offers. I can see exactly how much ram I have free left up to a tenth of a single GB; and the percentage of my total space (16GB) free. The app also showcases the difference in the efficiency of an iPad 1 to an iPad 2 first-hand, if you were still on the fence about upgrading your hardware.

System Status app review

Besides the GPU overclocking and monitoring apps, System Status shares similarities with other Windows tools. It is very similar in many aspects to running the task manager on a Windows PC device (done by pressing ctrl + alt + delete). It shows and allows users to monitor many of the same system functions that the task manager allows. Examples of these would be the CPU usage, physical memory usage, performance, processes or apps running in the background.

The bottom line is that this app is a godsend for any PC user making the transition to Apple with the iPad or another iDevice. It is also a great app for anyone who simply wants to see if their iDevice is functioning correctly; or to check its efficiency in certain areas of computing. If you want such monitoring done on your iDevice and don't mind restrictions on actual changes you can make to your system, grab this app now. System Status currently costs only $.99 and is available as a universal app.

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