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My Virtual Boyfriend is the latest dating sim from Wet Productions Inc. The game offers 3D visuals and humor for gamers looking at meeting a virtual boyfriend. It is really aimed at girls but it can be enjoyed by anyone. There are various male classes with their own personalities to choose from, for your virtual boyfriend in the game. Examples include a geek or a metrosexual, but there are many others as well. You can also fully customize your male date from their hair, clothing, face and name.

The game starts out by asking you questions about your own personality in order to find a match. Then it asks questions on what you prefer in a partner. There is a wide range of dates you can create and experiment with depending on your answers. This variety of customization is what makes the game stand out and offers great replay value. No two characters you create will be alike.

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My Virtual Boyfriend for iPhone

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Customizing a character is a blast and done better than most iOS games. The ability to change the appearance of your date is well done. You can change the way a shirt looks for instance or the hair style. There are just so many hilarious characters you can create that you may not want to step outside for a real date for a while.

The game has lots of humor based on dialogues with your date who follows stereotypical roles. The Stereotypical male dates really come to life in this game. This may be a turn on or a turn off, depending on the kind of person you are; and if you are looking at having fun or taking this dating sim seriously. Even though the game's style makes it seem like it is meant for adolescent girls or teens, keep in mind this game has a lot of adult connotations. Even before installing My Virtual Boyfriend, the game prompts you to verify you are over 17.

Gameplay consists of various gesture commands and interactive scenes between your date and you. There are also 20 levels of progression that change depending on how close you get with your date. The game also offers over 100 different activities you can do together in the game. The goal is to win your date over by appealing to their personality through the various levels of progression. Conversation is a huge part to winning the date over. When you answer your date's questions to his liking, you gain points; when he doesn't like your answer, you lose points.

My Virtual Boyfriend iPhone app review

What is interesting is how My Virtual Boyfriend actually can give you ideas on what to do on dates. Some of the activities that you can participate in this game are quite great ideas for dating in general. Activities include watching sports together, playing video games, or going on a walk. It would be nice to see a wider variety though and see better animations. When picking an activity all you really see is an image of the scene, but no visual movement.

My Virtual Boyfriend is a fun dating sim that should be taken lightly. The game should appeal to anyone looking for a great laugh as it has some funny dialogue. Check it out if you want some practice with your dating game and a laugh or two. It is a universal app that is played in the portrait orientation.

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