App Review: Murder Detective for iPhone

Murder detective is an interesting detective type game with quite an extensive story line.  The game play is similar to old school text based games but it has images to go with it and simple tap to choose your options.  The story seems a little bit to common in that a drunk cop with family problems has to solve a murder, but I suppose it is done so often because it works well.  The story line seems quite extensive, I've played for a couple hours now and it still seems to have quite a bit to go.

The thing about this game which will make you either love it or hate it is that it is the old school combination of a text based game with choose your own adventure style options.  You read through a scenario and then choose what you want to do next.  Based on that choice you are presented with another set of options.  At first the options seemed somewhat generic and lead you to the same general areas but once you get into the game a little bit they do help you make some differences in the outcomes of situations.

Murder Detective iPhone app review

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One thing you'll quickly learn is to mute your phone before playing this game. There is no talking or even significant sound effects to miss, just the annoying background music which gets old quickly.  Once the sound is off it is much easier to read through the scenarios and hit tap to continue without getting a headache. 

If you start the game thinking it seems a bit slow you'll quickly find that you are almost addicted to reading the story and making your decision on how to react.  The game does a great job of pulling you in and making you want to see what will happen next.  After my initial disappointment in such a generic storyline I found myself getting more and more into it. 

The pictures help make what would be an alright text based game into a more engaging experience.  It helps you visualize each character in the story since you can see what they look like and almost interact with them.  I found this made the entire game play experience much better.

Murder Detective for iPhone

An annoying thing I found early on is that since you tap the screen to move to the next set of text it is very easy to accidentally tap and you miss out on a page of information.  Not the end of the world but there is no back button so it is something that they should have considered.

The bottom line is this is a pretty fun game which is worth the money if you enjoy games where you have to read a lot.  If you're more into the action of other types of games than this is not for you.  I think most people will enjoy the twists and turns the story takes and how you can control the outcome based on your decisions to different situations.  Give it a try, you'll like it.  


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