App Review - Hyper Facts

Random facts and quirky trivia are some of the best and most fun ways to spend time.  If you’ve ever tried to see how you’re connected to Kevin Bacon or riddled your brain to think of that cool, historical fact…then this is the kind of app that’s right up your alley.

However much I think I am a search engine master, I always find myself going down a few different avenues to see ‘what else’ I can find out.  The Hyper Facts app intriguingly blends well known resources such as Google, Google Maps (not just for creepy shots of your house), Wikipedia and other resources to cut through the clutter and find the information/trivia/facts (no matter how random) that you are looking for.

This is the kind of app that you want while traveling, whether on the road or at a stationary location.  It’s also the perfect app to quiet that annoying friend who just seems to know everything about everything or to prove that the building you live in used to be a part of a rich property years and years ago.

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Hyper Facts for iPhone

What I really liked about this app was the organic approach that the developers used.  Sometimes you have a famous name or place that you’re trying to figure out and the Hyper Facts databases easily return relevant facts.  For example, search Einstein and you’ll receive a link to the Wikipedia article about him as well as other categories that he falls into. And THAT is where this app really becomes fun.  Similar to free association writers use, Einstein’s name will bring up categories (science, physicists, etc.) that he is associated with.  Click on those and you can find out more random facts and trivia about other people as well.  Far from being limited to trivia facts on people, you can also search under Location, Event or Work. 

Another great part of the Hyper Facts app is the ability to search for trivia/facts nearby.  Utilizing Google maps, you can find out interesting and very detailed trivia about multiple places/people wherever you (and your Iphone) are! Using this part of the app is very easy, just touch the ‘pins’ and a whole stream of interesting facts and information is right at your fingertips.

Want to save facts to argue (or discuss) later? Easily done with the ‘Favorites’ tab.         

Overall?  This is a fun app that’s engaging and interesting because it’s not static-information and the combinations of questions/trivia and facts are endless and make this an app that will entertain you for quite a bit.

Hyper Facts is available on the app store for $0.99

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