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Everybody likes prizes, and everybody likes games, so wouldn't it be great to combine the two together in a fun sweepstakes app? This app does exactly that. The Great Contest is a subscription-based contest app that allows you to play fun games and be entered into drawings for real prizes. And these aren't just some lame "break-the-first-time-you-use-them" trinkets. This is a Great Contest, so why not have great prizes, such as Xbox Kinects, vacations, or even cold hard cash!

The app is practically useless until you get a subscription. You can subscribe by either paying a small monthly fee or by earning TGC credits. These credits are earned by purchasing other apps, and 50 credits earn you a 1 month subscription. If you live in the US, you must use TGC credits to earn a subscription.

The Great Contest for iPhone

Ok, so you're part of the club. Now what? Start entering some contests, of course! At the home screen, you can see a listing of all the current contests, and the date that they will end. There is no limit to the number of contests you can enter, but you can only enter each contest once. Once you select the contest you want to enter, a game pops up. You are allowed to play the game 5 times, and then your best score is recorded. Your ranking correlates to the number of entries you get for that contest; the higher your score, the better.

The Great Contest is a good app, but definitely has its lows. First of all, the mandatory subscription weighs you down, and it needs to be renewed every month. Secondly, there are currently only a few contests to enter. Finally, it would be great if there was a practice game room.

 If you are looking for an opportunity for some great prizes, The Great Contest is a pretty good choice.

The Great Contest is available on the app store for Free!

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