App Review - Chopsticks Culture


Chopsticks Culture provides the exact benefit that it offers; a way to learn more about Asian styled recipes.  This app is designed to teach people how to say an Asian dish in Mandarin and Cantonese as well as be able to determine the name by appearance.  In other words, everyone has heard of the Peking duck dish; but do you know what it looks like?  In fact, would you be able to guess the English name of every Asian dish shown during a quiz?  Chopsticks Culture tests that theory and actually has a game to document progress.

chopsticks culture iPhone app review

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However, let’s start with the homepage.  The graphics resemble Asian decoration to match the overall theme making it a professional looking app.  Before playing the game; there are different categories to check out where you can learn the picture of dishes, how to say them in Mandarin and Cantonese, and even how to write them in the designated languages.  It’s pretty neat to see the different variations of meals and even more enticing to memorize them and play the game against friends. 

Each category is broken down by entrée, drinks, and dessert with a cute, little example picture of the dishes to come.  Once you choose a primary subject; the app takes you to a list of English names for certain Asian dishes.  Once you click on a dish; you are whisked away to Asian land with a picture of the meal as well as the proper way to say and spell it in its original language. 

For an additional benefit; it would be recommended for the developer to add a section that gives all of the ingredients within the dish.  If this app is meant to teach the proper named meals simply by its appearance; then it would make sense to know what foods it’s made from.  Each picture looks pristine as though it was taken right from an Oriental restaurant; so the background matches the purpose. 

Chopsticks culture for iPhone

Another option on the homepage is labeled “main” that further breaks down main Asian dishes by ingredients such as pork, chicken, vegetable, and more.  By clicking on an ingredient; you are instantly taken to another Asian decorated page that offers a list of dishes within that particular category.  And similar to the other options; once a name is clicked on you are then taken to a pictured meal with the proper spelling and pronunciation.  In other words; this app is very organized especially if you’re looking for something in particular. 

But, the game that is offered on this app is probably the biggest highlighted feature.  This is where you can challenge the knowledge of Asian dishes with your friends and prove that you are the Oriental Champion.  During this game, you are given pictures of different Asian dishes with a multiple choice answering system that gives you 3 points for every correct response.  As with any game; if you answer incorrectly you will get nothing.  It’s a neat game that offers different levels, but doesn’t provide sound or a way to acknowledge whether the answer is right or wrong.  The developer should definitely add some bells and whistles to make the game more entertaining. 

Overall, however, the app is pretty fun to play with.  It’s nicely put together with great graphics and serves the purpose of teaching the correct terminology and spelling of various Asian meals.  Unsure as to whether it’s worth the cost; but definitely worth the time.   


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