AniEmoticons is Convenient for Email and has a Vast Selection

There are many different emoticon apps that are available, but AniEmoticons offers a vast selection of emoticons with a variety of features.  This particular app is perfect for using picture icons to make your emails and text messages more entertaining to read.  In fact, there are so many different options on this app that you can literally type a full message without using any words! 

When you first log in; you are given a variety of options to choose from.  The first one allows you to input multiple emoticons into one message while the second option specifically asks for one.  By clicking on one of these choices; you will be able to start creating your personalized message with the array of pictures to choose from.  The other options include more apps from the developer, a way to contact them via Facebook and Twitter, and a FAQ section for the app.  This is very convenient to learn more about how it works along with its supporting devices.

AniEmoticons for iPhone

To start; you can click on the first option to use multiple icons in a message.  From there, you can browse through the different emoticons that are located on the bottom.  The lowest bar will give you the category of pictures.  For instance; the most popular emoticons used are from the “3D Smiley” category.  These particular faces will literally be jumping out of the message at the reader and will instantly leave a lasting impression.  But, if you're looking for more; you can click on the category where you will be taken to the domain with over 25 different categories to choose from.  A few of these include Festival, Flowers, Words, the Alphabet, and many hand gestures.  Once you choose the category, you will be brought back to the message page where you can browse through the different pages of pictures to decide on your first move. 

You can choose to write by clicking on the pen located at the top left.  This will bring forth the keyboard for any personal message.  However, by clicking on the smiley face on the top right; you are able to see the emoticons available to mix and match throughout message.  After the message has been completed; you can click on the top middle mail icon to form an actual email.  The message will be transferred into the blank email and once you type in the email address; you're message can be sent!

AniEmoticons iPhone app review

To end up back on the home page; the top right icon shaped like a house will bring you back to base.  This is where you can click on the second option that will allow you to use one emoticon for a text message.  A suggestion to the developer would be to make this similar to the email with the option of using multiple icons instead of just one.  Regardless; once you choose your icon, you can click on the middle button and it will open a new text message with the chosen picture. 

The selection of emoticons that are offered is far more vast than any other.  It can be a little difficult when sending text messages, but very convenient and fun with emails.  If the developer made it easy for both; then this app could be taken very far.  In the meantime; AniEmoticons are perfect for those interactive emails since it has a picture for practically every subject.  

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