Angry Boo App Review

The angry boo app is a game where you have to shoot a ghost to different platforms using a slingshot like launcher.  This is similar to Angry Birds, but without the end goal of having to knock down anything or kill any enemies.  Moving from platform to platform without falling to the ground is the main aspect of the game.  Each platform is a spider web, which you then pull down to ‘shoot’ the ghost on to the next web.  Collecting gold coins while navigating through each level is another important part of the game, earning more points for each gold coin collected.

 When planning your next shot it is important to note that collecting several gold coins in one shot will add bonus points to your score as well, which can often affect how to best choose a shot.  Attempting to do a smaller shot to avoid collecting coins in one shot but leaving them to collect a large number of them on the next may be smart, though it adds the additional risk of not shooting the ghost far enough and falling into the fog at the bottom of the screen. 

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As you play your way through a level there are several check points which allow you to start over from that point if you do fall which is really nice.  Without those, this game would quickly get annoying having to start over each time.  The levels get progressively harder making each shot more difficult to complete successfully.

The physics of the game are done quite well with a trajectory line given as you pull back on the spider web to shoot the ghost.  This allows you to better plan out your shot making it much easier than it would be without. 

The controls in this game are quite sensitive requiring you to take your time and set up the perfect shot each time.  Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing will be left to the individual player but it can get annoying when a tiny move of the finger alters the path of the ghost enough to cause him to fall down into the fog.

angry boo review

Each time you start the game it begins to give you the beginning of the story line, which is quite basic, involving a sleeping ghost whose coins are stolen.  This takes a moment to load and it would be nice to have the option to not have to let it load up before tapping to skip it each time you play.  Other than that the game is fairly easy to get up and start playing.  It is a bit advanced for children to play since it requires such a precise targeting.

The graphics and sound are all very well done and look great.  While the story line is not that great, it doesn’t really take much away from the app overall.  For people who enjoy these types of games, this one is worth downloading and will most certainly be enjoyed for at least a few hours. 

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