'Tiny WIngs' Steals 'Angry Birds' Crown as #1 Paid App

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In a quick ascension to #1, Tiny Wings took the top paid iPhone app spot away from Angry Birds last week. Tiny Wings was released within the last several weeks, and has quickly been gaining momentum since its launch! Why has this game become so popular?

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Tiny Wings is a simple, elegant and completely addicting game that feeds on many similar aspects to its comepitor, it even uses birds...

Basically, gamers are challenged to help a bird with small wings fly for as long as possible, by catapulting himself off of an everchanging mountain terrain. The screen moves horizontally as mountains swell up and down. Players are able to learn when to make the bird to jump and when to have him dive so that he is able to maximize momentum from the mountains. Points are awarded on "hangtime" and this simple task becomes an all encompassing desire to fly for longer.

The easy pick-up-and-play style of this game and the addictive simplicity are the reason why it has received great reviews in the app store and steam rolled its way to number one. Now, i am very curious to see if the momentum will continue.  The reason why Angry Birds is so impressive is the longevity of its reign at the top of the app store. Numerous challengers have claimed the top paid spot for brief periods of time, but Angry Birds always manages to come back. Angry Birds even has a seasonal addition in the top 25 along with the original!

Time will tell if Tiny Wings is able to outpace its rival...In the meantime, I would prompt you to check out the game for only $0.99.

For those of you who have played Tiny Wings, what did you think? Better than Angry Birds?


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