Girl Scouts Go High Tech by Using iPhones to Accept Credit Card Payments

Girl Scout Cookies


Girl Scouts have officially entered the 21st century, although pictures and marketing may still suggest otherwise :)

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Girl Scouts of America has made an agreement with Intuit to utilize the company's GoPayment app in order to accept credit card purchases via iPhone from hungry cookie customers. Now, you no longer have to have cash to buy the great cookies from the girls in front of the grocery stores.

Intuit has also agreed to reduce transaction fees and provide one free credit card reader for every troop that is interested in the offer! Therefore, the troops are receiving a great deal, both financially and practically. I know I walk past a girl scout table a couple times a week, but I never have cash. I am definitely going to see if the next troop of girls I pass are using this technology.

In addition, this is a major real world application for credit card reader apps, which have slowly been gaining popularity. It will be interesting to see if the technology is able to gain momentum and catch on. If the girl scouts and their parents are able to use it, then truly anyone should be able to have success collecting payments via iPhone.

What do you think about the girl scouts new financial option?


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