Atomic Tom Records Song on A NY Subway with Only iPhones!

Have you ever heard of the band Atomic Tom? Do you enjoy music made through iPhones?

Well, if your answer is yes then I have a tremendous video for you! 

Check out this video here and then come back!

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Atomic Tom


In this Aomic Tom iPhone Video, the band plays all instruments only using iPhones and the entire video is filmed only with iPhones. So, everything you see is reproduced by iPhones! 

I personally was amazed by the quality that the band was able to preserve. The smartphones sound great! The guitars have effects on them and good tone, and the drum set is very versatile.

Whenever I see this video I wonder what the passengers were thinking during the filming...Supposedly, the band showed up unannounced and dove right into their performance, so not everyone on that subway is a fan of Atomic Tom...Maybe they are now... 

This video is also impressive because the band had all their music equipment stolen recently, and so they have been forced to rebuild as a band. Therefore, it is a testament to their passion and desire to share music with listeners like us :)

Great work Atomic Tom! 

Let me know what you think of this video? If anyone can create an iPhone based song like this on their own, I would love to see it...


Adam Wagner

DTiP blogger

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