Stylus for my iPod touch -- who would have thunk!

In our Windows Mobile publication, I wrote an article about 5 things Microsoft could learn from the iPhone. One thing was that a "touch screen is for touching". After years of fumbling with a stylus for the Pocket PC, I found the natural touch-based iPod touch user interface a relief.

Given that context I laughed when the Pogo Stylus people contacted me and wanted to know if I wanted to review their stylus for the iPhone/iPod touch.  

However, never being one to refuse a sample, I said, sure, send it! Well it turns out I like it! The tip that replaces the finger has a nice feel to it when interacting on the screen.

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The big reason I like it, is that my hand was starting to cramp some when playing a solitare game. The game plays better when using the stylus. Also, I tried doing an E-mail with the stylus. I missed some letters the first time, but overall, I think I will prefer using the stylus to my over-sized fingers. The iPhone keyboard is my least favorite thing about the iPhone / iPod touch, and the stylus seems an improvement.

I still think Apple got it right having touch as the main interface. However, I can see that my Pogo Stylus will get its share of use.


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