At Bat 2009: Must-have APP for any Baseball Fan

I actually wrote this post as the game I describe below unfolded!

I start the MLB app that I recently bought from the App store. It’s opening day for the Chicago White Sox, and I click on the game, and glance at my iPod touch screen. It is the top of the eighth with KC leading 2 to 1. As you can see from the screen shot, the White Sox just replaced relievers. There are no outs and the count is 1 and 2. The screen updates with every pitch.

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I start this article, glance down again, and I see the White Sox are now batting in the bottom of the eighth. Josh Fields, a power hitter, surprises everyone and puts down a bunt single. I can resist no more. I click the “Audio” tab at the top of the screen and another tab that lets me listen to the Chicago rather than Kansas City broadcast.

After an out, Getz hits a single moving Fields to third, bringing up Sox slugger Carlos Quentin. He makes an out, not bringing the run in. Two outs. Super slugger, Jim Thome comes up.  He hits a three run home run! Truly exciting.

The eighth inning ends. Often there is just silence, no commercials between innings, which can be odd if you happen to turn on audio between innings. Between innings I look at detailed and up-to-date box scores. I listen again as Bobby Jenks closes the ninth.

As soon as the game ends, I click the video tab at bottom. Sure enough, the video of the Thome blast for me to enjoy.

There are more extras in the app. I am really impressed. At $9.99 it is a must-have for any baseball fan with an iPhone or iPod touch.  

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