Lions, Tigers, and Bears on the iPhone, Oh My!

To tell you the truth, I was not very enthusiastic when one of our bloggers and contributing writers, Todd Bernhard, told me about his 100sounds program. However, I did enjoy it more than I thought playing the various sounds ranging from an air raid to a bugle to clapping to doorbell, etc. Then when Todd told me about 100animals and 100birds,

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again the idea didn't do that much for me. (Sorry, Todd). But I have to tell you, I’ve had a blast with the animals and birds.


First while resting, I played some bird sounds for my wife. She loved them. I must say, I also enjoyed the various chirps. It brought me back to my high school biology teacher, who took us all bird watching.


Then I played 100animals for her (and our dog). Our old dog wasn’t that responsive, but we had a blast listing to dogs, cows, sheep, lions, and elephants. Today at lunch, I pulled out my iPhone with a couple of buddies. We were in hysterics as I played the sounds for them.


These are not casually done apps. It is obvious that Todd put a lot of attention into details. You can repeat a sound with any number of seconds delay. You can create sound favorites. You can have the iPhone play random sounds by shaking your iPhone. Finally, Todd kindly makes his sounds available as ringtones by emailing him. 


The cost  is only $0 .99 for each app. Check out Todd’s web site for more info.


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