iPhone Life compared to our previous pub, Smartphone & Pocket PC

Mobilityminded.com has just published a review that compares our Windows Mobile publication Smartphone & Pocket PC to iPhone Life.

We (Thaddeus Computing) have been publishing magazines for mobile computing users since 1985. In the 1980's we wrote about the first laptop from HP in The Portable Paper. In the 1990's we produced The HP Palmtop Paper covering the HP 200LX Palmtop PC. We still have a site where you can find the Palmtop Paper archives and where we buy and sell used HP 200LX's.

From 1998-2008 we published our Windows Mobile magazine which evolved into Smartphone & Pocket PC. Its web site continues to be quite active.

In each incarnation of our publication, we supported users of these mobile devices, going deep into the platform. End users provided most of the content. (You can see Writer's Guidelines). A free issue of iPhone Life is available for viewing. We most humbly believe subscriptions are a great value and can really make a difference in getting the most out of your iPhone or iPod touch.

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Hal Goldstein (hal @ iphonelife.com) is the founder, partner, and Senior Editor of  iPhone Life. Hal founded Thaddeus Computing in May 1985, and remains CEO (www.thaddeus.com). Since its inception, Thaddeus Computing has written about, bought, and sold pre-owned mobile computers. Hal lives in Fairfield, Iowa, with his wife and co-founder, Rita.