Get Cool Earth-Friendly Chargers

Revolve is a company specializing in sustainable chargers for electronic devices. All their products are manufactured sustainably, and they look and feel really cool. I had a chance to catch up with them at last week's CTIA show in Orlando. Here are a couple of cool products they showed me:

XeMiniPlus $99.99 (pictured above):

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This cool little charger is made of bamboo and can charge two electronic devices at the same time. It takes roughly 12 hours of direct sunlight to charge the 2200mAh built-in battery. In addition, you can charge the Mini from the wall (via retractable AC prongs) or from your car. It includes the XePico car charger (also pictured above), a battery back-up, and 3 USB cables for compatibility with over 3000 devices. The XeMiniPlus can give you up to 6.5 hours of talk time on your iPhone.

XeMax  (pictured above):

This larger charger is capable of handling your iPad or laptop, and can charge two devices simultaneously. You can also charge it from the wall, car, or sun, and it has a 9000 mAh built in battery. It comes with an AC and DC cable, along with a USB micro cable. 

They also showed me two new prodducts (images and pricing coming soon):

The XeMicro, which is a charger similar to the ones above, only instead of mini solar panels, you can repeatedly squeeze a lever to hand-charge it! 

And the XeGeo, which is a travel charger compatible with US, UK, EU, and Australian wall plugs! 

More on these products soon. In the meantime,check out for their complete line. 


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