"Dress Up Like Steve Jobs Day" Going Viral

"Dress Up Like Steve Jobs Day" is September 9th 2011. That means get your jeans, black shirts and black turtle necks ready!

How did this happen?

A few of us at iPhone Life were trying to come up with a fun and easy way to show our respect and appreciation to Steve Jobs, a man who's vision, inspiration and dedication have touched so many people's lives, and whose retirement from the role of Apple CEO marks the end of an era. 

I'm sure we'll still see a lot more from him as Apple's New Chairman of the Board, but it was amazing to see how the step-down struck deep chords of appreciation with fans, users, and followers all over the world. (I subsequently sent an email to our iPhone Life newsletter users, and I got lots of feedback about how I shouldn't make it sound like he had passed away. I did take it a tiny bit too far, I admit.)

The end-result?

We came up with a Facebook event called "Dress Up Like Steve Jobs Day," happening September 9th, as a light-hearted way to show our gratitude. In addition, people can post their wishes and stories about how Apple and Steve Jobs have directly or indirectly affected their lives. The event has gathered over 1,000 participants in less than 48 hours, and it shows no sign of slowing down. 

We're planning on publishing the best stories, wishes and photos from people dressing up for the event on Sept 9th on the next issue of iPhone Life magazine. 

So how about it? Will you dress up on Sept 9th?



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