Calling for Cartoons to feature in iPhone Life magazine. Deadline is April 22nd

iPhone Life magazine is looking for cartoons and comics to feature in the print and digital versions of the magazine. If you have a funny idea for a cartoon about Apple, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, or you have cartoons you've drawn and would like to see in print, please send them my way at

This is a fantastic oportunity for artists of all levels to get their work featured: If we think it's funny, we will print it... along with your name and website!

The cartoons can be single images or entire strips, and multiple submissions are accepted. 

Deadline for next print issue is Friday, April 22nd. 



Alex Cequea

Associate Editor

iPhone Life magazine and

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Alex is marketing consultant, regular contributor to the Huffington Post, and the host of a web series called Social Good Now, where he highlights social issues through short animated videos. Formerly, he was a Marketing Exec at Cisco, and Editor in Chief of iPhone Life magazine. His projects have been featured on TEDx Houston, CNN, TIME, ABC News, CBS, Univision, Fast Company, and the Huffington Post.