We’re now soliciting articles for the Jan/Feb edition of iPhone Life magazine (hitting the newsstands in mid-December). Please use our article submission form to propose an article, and I’ll get back to you promptly.

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Article Length and Deadline for submission:

Most articles run 1-2 pages (roughly 600-1200 words with images), and they must be submitted to me ( as soon as possible (the issue deadline is October 24th). Note that you should submit a proposal first; this helps us eliminate duplicates and make sure the articles are a good fit for the issue.

Please understand that we don't pay for submissions, but your bio will accompany every article. The Jan/Feb issue is one of our most popular issues, as it goes right through the holiday season and will be distributed at CES 2012 (the yearly Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas).

For general details about the editorial logistics, please read our Writer's Guidelines

What we're looking for:

For this issue, we’re especially interested in reviews of great gear and accessories for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Articles in the following sections appear in each regular issue:

  • Apple iOS Hardware (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch): Reviews of new hardware, hardware considerations such as battery life, and iOS features.
  • Tips: Tips and how-to's of non-obvious capabilities (200 words or less).
  • iTunes/iCloud: How to make full use of iTunes and iCloud.
  • Apps: Helps users find the best software for their needs.
  • Accessories: Best physical add-ons for iOS devices.
  • Web: Great web apps. Useful web sites related to iOS.
  • People: How iOS devices used personally and professionally.
  • Work: Using the iPhone in the work environment. Collective use in the Enterprise.
  • Creating Apps: Non-technical stories about creating and marketing apps.

Some example articles titles: "Top 5 iPad Board Games," "The Best Gifts for Dads," "Top 10 Multiplayer Games," "Best Apps for Teachers," "Apps With the most Bang for your Buck."

Got your Article Idea?

Send your article proposals through this form. If we like your idea, you will hear back from me within a couple of days and we'll go from there. Please note that all articles must be written and submitted by October 24th, so your proposal must come earlier and give you enough time to write the article if we accept it. 

User-submitted articles are the heart of iPhone Life magazine, so I thank you for your passion and your consistent contributions. They make this magazine a constant source of useful, entertaining, and practical content that helps people get more from their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

All the best, 
Alex Cequea
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Alex is marketing consultant, regular contributor to the Huffington Post, and the host of a web series called Social Good Now, where he highlights social issues through short animated videos. Formerly, he was a Marketing Exec at Cisco, and Editor in Chief of iPhone Life magazine. His projects have been featured on TEDx Houston, CNN, TIME, ABC News, CBS, Univision, Fast Company, and the Huffington Post.