Best iPhone Apps for Public Speaking

The iPhone can help you during, before and after you present, but only if you have the right apps. This Public Speaking Apps article from the communications site, reviews a few of the most prominent public speaking apps. Here are the hightlights:

Presenter Pro (free) got the highest rating, 10/10. This app is truly amazing, and I cannot believe it was free. It has so many features: from videos to articles with deep insights, to practice exercises and even a Rate Me section that others can use to rate different parts of your presentation. I forsee myself using this app to prepare for all upcoming speaking engagements. 

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Presentation Clock ($.99) took second place, getting a 9/10. This app's only function is to countdown the time, but it's almost impossible not to love. The numbers are nice and big, and they look even better in landscape mode. They change colors (green, yellow, red) according to how much time you have left. You can customize when the time changes colors, and whether it vibrates or makes a sound too. A nice app all around

Next up were the group of free apps made by Tony Jeary, they got 8/10. Tony is a clear, confident communicator, and he takes volunteer callers (at least in the video I saw) through exercises to help them organize their presentation, or gain confidence. Each app has a video of about 30 minutes, and it includes image slides covering the same material for those who don't have time to sit through the video. 

Public Speech Recorder (free) came up next with a rating of 7/10. This app simply records your voice and plays it back to you. Very simple app, and easy enough to use. 

Confident Public Speaking! ($3.99) and Public Speaking Workout ($4.99) tied for the next spot, and both got a 6/10. Confident Public Speaking! has subliminal NLP audio and articles about public speaking. It is decently laid out and the subliminal audio sounds like metallic music from the future. Public Speaking Workout only includes exercises for impromptu public speaking, but it has A LOT of them. I reccommend it to Toastmasters clubs to have around as a reference.

These are the hightlights, you can read the rest of the article here.


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