Reports of Native Gmail for iPhone

MG Siegler writes on that a native iOS app for Gmail may be just around the corner. As a die hard Gmail user this is great news to me.

I've been using Gmail from the very beginning when it was invite only. It turned my entire email experience upside down with 1GB storage, threaded conversations, and a rich interface accessible anywhere you had a browser and internet. I can't imagine ever going back to another email provider, either on the desktop or a webmail provider.

When I got my first iOS device, an iPod Touch, I naturally wanted to use Gmail with it. At the time (November 2010) it was a little tricky to set up with Apple's Mail app. Even when you got it set up you gave up a number of features, such as threaded conversations, labels, and push notification. You could use it in the browser and get threaded conversations and labels, but you still lose notifications, and get a less responsive web interface.

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Now that could be changing! If this report is correct, we can expect threaded conversations, push notification, labels, and a snappy native experience.

I'm psyched. Stay tuned for Gmail on iOS!

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Raphael Burnes is the CTO of iPhone Life magazine.