A Whole Lot of Tweeting Going On?

Its simple to see some of these newer apps on the rise but some of the most important ones are whats most popular; not just new.  Social Networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and other blogging websites alone are all popular amongst not only the younger age group; however every single group of ages!  Companies are now using Twitter as well as Facebook to promote and advertise and we see it more and more everywhere we turn.  Specifically, Twitter seems to be on more of a rise since its launch.  The 140 character limit on a "tweet" seems to allow for more of a quick and to the point message to send to all of its followers.  


The app store offers several Twitter clients that are worth the try if you are unfamiliar with Twitter, or maybe even looking for a new Twitter application to switch to or use.  Currently on my iPhone 4 are Twittelator, and Twitter for iPhone.  After first downloading Twitter for iPhone I thought it was the best Twitter application.  I had tried it but it was not my first Twitter application download.  I had previously experienced others such as TwitBird, Twitteriffic, Twitterfon and several more.  

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There are several improvements in the Twitter for iPhone application that are of benefit for an iPhone 4 user as well as users of other generations.  The application has an improved look on the Top Tweets in one's timeline, and also fixes display issues.  It comes in six languages which seemingly is of no help to us in the United States, but then again what did we say about how popular Twitter is becoming?  Along with these perks, Twitter for iPhone comes with a sleek look and simplistic layout to navigate the application.  There are five main screens including: one's timeline, @ replies, DM's (direct messages), search, and "more (settings)."    A generic feature is dragging down the home screen on the app to reload and release to refresh.  To compose a tweet, simply tap the upper right corner where the interface will give the user the opportunity to twitpic, geotag, add a trend, @ reply to someone or shrink a URL, 140 characters only!  DM's are kept nicely with the date in the right hand corner and listed from most recent to oldest.  The search screen includes current trending topics, the ability to search for a person and suggested users.  Click the "more" tab to view profile statistics, your favorite tweets and draft tweets, or to add a new list.  Another thing worth knowing is that Twitter for iPhone application used to go by the name Tweetie which originally had a fee; and now that Twitter, Inc took over, it is free (therefore all of the goodness of a fresh app for free!). Overall, Twitter for iPhone is personally a favorite of mine because of its rapid speed and quick and easy interface.  


Twittelator is another Twitter application currently on my phone.   The interface is a little different than Twitter for iPhone.  The application seems that there is much more going on and a lot more content than Twitter for iPhone.  Similar to TFI, Twittelator has the following screens: friends, mentions, messages, settings, and "more."  When composing a tweet, tap the upper right hand corner and the box comes up.  This box is much more cluttered with the options to @ reply, geotag, and include media already on the page.  Also included in this application is the option to include emoticons so that takes up room also.  It seems a little annoying when all you want to do is complete a tweet.  When viewing DM's, Twittelator does not list specific dates only the time in "weeks."  


Overall, there are more downfalls for the Twittelator application than there are for the Twitter for iPhone application.  There are millions of things to knit pick when reviewing both applications including the fact that with Twittelator you are not give the option to view a users profile photo on the app; whereas with Twitter for iPhone that feature is possible.  All in all it depends on what kind of a twitter person you are because these are both free applications.  Although the choice seems clear, what kind of "Tweeter" are you?

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