Whats the fairest game of all? Mirror Mirror on the wall!



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Mirror Mirror on the wall!  This game is so cool.  I have been looking into some more games to download and get addicted to lately and this one was recommended to me. I love the graphics, I think they are so adorable for the game that you are playing.  The music is not annoying, like in most games and it adds to the suspense of the game when you are playing! 


Lets get to the actual game.  Think back to when you were running through the levels of Mario, but substitute Snow White for Mario. 


When you first open the game, you are at the main menu.  There are a couple of options here: play, high scores, options and more.  There are a couple of social media options at the bottom as well including Facebook, the game center and more.


When selecting play, you are brought to the main play screen.  Here you select the level that you are going to play.  Upon doing so, a short little scene plays depicting some of the scenes that are seen in the Snow White movie!  This adds an adorable touch to the game and makes it more enjoyable.


After the short scene is done, the user taps to continue.  There are full instructions on the screen that tell the user what to do: movement, interactions, jumping and double jumping.  Aside from these, there is a timer, the amount of keys you collect, your score, and your lives.  This just makes sure that the user knows where he is standing when he is playing the game.  There is also the option to zoom in and out on the game in some areas!


To get started, tap the screen.  If something happens in the middle of you playing the game, you can always pause it, but don’t forget to because you are being timed!  When you are running through the levels, collect the diamonds and the keys and don’t fall into the water!  Also, don’t lose your lives because then you will have to start over.  The game is challenging!  The hardest part is jumping from island to island.  Make sure you avoid all of the traps and make it to the end!


Try Mirror Mirror: The Untold Adventures, in the app store here, today!

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