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Ever wonder what its like to have a handle on European world of basketball?  Wonder whats going on in the European basketball world?  With Euro Basket 2011 you can do just that!


The home menu allows the user to pick their own team.  The team that you use, in this case France is considered your “favorite team” of course!  When selecting this, you can see when the games for that team are, who they are versus, and the time!


When selecting the “final round” tab, you can see other teams and how they did in the final round.  The time of the game and date is also there.  The flags are shown for each team so it is easy to distinguish.  The games are also comparable to each other if you click “compare.”


Click on the “standings” tab on the bottom and you will be able to view the standings for all of the teams.  The wins and losses of each teams are on the right column and then teams are listed on the left.  Scroll down a little bit more and one can see the text games and dates with times as well.


You also have the option to check out the “teams” tab.  When clicking this tab, you can select any team and learn all about it.  There is the roster, the games, the leaders, and all pictures and numbers of everyone on the team.  You have the option to compare them to another team, and see what group they are in as well as their place.


Select the “leaders” tab and you will be able to see who is leading by points, rebounds, assists, and eff.  The ranking, athlete and their number will be shown in neat columns. 


Overall, Euro Basket is a great application to check out for keeping up and comparing for 2011!

Check it out here in the app store!

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