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WeNowBuddy: We are now buddies!


The best thing about the app store is that there are so many to chose from.  Two of the biggest categories that continue to grow in the app store are social media, and games.  They are most definitely interchangeable for number one at times though.  What could possibly be an app that would be the best of both worlds?  A fusion of both.


I am talking about WeNowBuddy.  This application is a game and a social network all wrapped up in one.  The app is attractive because it gives the user the opportunity to connect with someone new through a series of questions that have a fun tone, just like a game.


If you are with a friend, change the settings to two people, and then the app will find the users two new people to chat and be friends with.  Same for three, four and five people as well. 


The coolest thing about the app probably, would be that the pictures that you upload onto the app that basically serve as your “profile.”  After you upload the picture, the app will show you how many buddies you are connecting too.


At any time you have the option to cancel or try and reconnect if no match is found.


Social networking combined with a game is a very cool, innovative way to meet some new people!


Try out WeNowBuddy in the app store here, today!

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