Vroom, vroom: Keeping Track of Your Car!


Keeping up with everything that has to do with your car can be difficult.  The more things that you have to worry about, the more stressful it can get.  This application is really great for being more organized and not stressing about the ins and outs of owning a vehicle.

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While some of us would like to consider ourselves well versed on owning a vehicle, its really simple to leave something behind when minding our own car.  Car Xpenses really helps the user maintain and understand their own vehicle that they use to get from point A to point B, every single day.


By adding the users own car to the application, they can immediately specify it to their make and model.  On the home page, the amount of expenses that the user has entered into the application will appear as well as the three other options that they can choose.


Among the three other options are expenses, services and settings.  In expenses, the user can click the plus option in the right hand corner and explore all of the options in which they can add where they have spent money.  This is including but not limited to things like fines, oil changes, services and getting the body painted.


On the services tab, the user can add how much money they have spent on the services for the vehicle.  This is included but not limited to things such as: transmission fluid being fixed, check engine light coming on, windshield washer fluid needing replacement and more. 


In the settings tab, this is just basic information.  It is here where the user will set their currency, mileage, statistics, expenses and more.


This application is a great way to step up your game in owning your own car.  Check out the application in the app store, here, today!

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