Vacation flip flops: Summer apps that FLIP and some that FLOP.




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For a person living at the New Jersey Shore, or more popularly known as the “Jersey Shore,” it is easy to always be up on the latest summer things like: how often they put on sunscreen, how the weather is going to be for the weekend, the UV Rays, or the Surf Report.  Although this may be true, visitors to the state, or visitors to any other beachy local, might not think keeping up on the summer things, is that easy. 


Applications for the iPhone including that of: Weather HD, SunTan Watcher, Accuweather, UV Dectector, and Surf Report are the answers to all of the above mentioned problems, any day.

So here is some insight on some apps you can FLIP over and some that just FLOP.FLOP: Weather HD is an application that costs ninety-nine cents in the app store.  The app is a very interesting and displays the weather as if its real-time, in the palm of your hand.  Although not interactive, the image displayed in the background, portrays whatever is happening outside at the current moment.  For instance, if it is nighttime, there will be a moon displayed.  If it is raining it will be displaying the rain.  Purchasing this app on my part was largely due to the hype that I was hearing about it.  I mainly just wanted to see how “cool” it was, but it soon became an addiction.  It displays the high and low for the day, the humidity, chance of rain, wind, pressure and visibility.  The user has the option to hide the forecast and show the hourly forecast, where they can scroll sideways and check out the weather into the next 24 hours.  Also, the user is able to see the forecast for the upcoming week.  Although this application is useful to an extent, I must say that ultimately ended up just being the “cool” way to check out my weather.


FLIP: SunTan Watcher is one of the most practical applications in the app store.  For the sun conscience, this app is a must have.  With its simple layout, its easy for anyone to use.  Hey!  Maybe even the kids will find enjoyment in wanting to keep a lookout for when its time to reapply.  Parents can find comfort in this app because it properly keeps tabs on when its time to reapply sunblock, and when its time to check your loved ones sunblock.  Kids and teens in favor of an even tan can get excited too, because it also has a timer that keeps tabs on when its time to turn over for an even tan!  Ninety-nine cents in the app store, this great app find courtesy of Glamour Magazine, is worth it!


FLIP: Accuweather, by far is one of the best weather applications.  Although its older layout is preffered, the newer layout keeps it user-friendly.  With a photo in the upper left of what the weather looks like outside, and the temperature in large font on the right, that’s all most users even look for in a weather app; so this makes the app a win, and a great layout.  The real feel is listed underneath the temperature and the city name and time.  Underneath the two main components are small dots on which you can tap and scroll from right to left to see the weather forecast for the next 24 hours.  Under all of that, is a list that includes: Humidity, Visibility, Sunrise, Sunset, Pressure, and Dew Point.  To the right of that, is a small dial with the wind speed and accuweathers URL.  On the bottom, there is a menu that allows the user to see todays weather, the forecast (including pictures and small details about precipitation), maps (of your location or any other you may need), videos (about weather near you and across the country) and more (including lifestyle, news and settings).  This application is free from the app store and offers much more than Weather HD, with a much better interface.


FLIP/FLOP: UV Detector is extremely helpful, but not a must have.  This application informs the user of what the UV index will be for the current day as well as the days to follow.  This can help in what to be prepared for and how much sunscreen to bring.  With a userfriendly interface, the multicolor index allows users to realize what is high and what is low.  Alerts are given if the UV index is high for the day so that the user is aware.  If the user selects the day, the app brings the user to another screen that shows when the index is going to be the highest throughout the day (with the option to share this through e-mail, twitter or facebook). The other options along the bottom are: Cities (one can change their city), Settings, and about the application.  Free in the app store, why not give it a shot?


FLIP: Last but not least is the Oakley Surf Report.  This is probably the best way to achieve information about the ocean wherever you are.  When starting the application the user is brought to the locations page.  This is the page where one can chose their location down to a t: Continent, Country, Region, State, City.  Once choosing that, the city name will pop up with all the surf report information.  Displayed is a picture of what the weather is like outside, with the temperature.  Underneath that is the wind information, for instance: “S at 8.”  Under that, will be the information about the waves, for instance: “flat,” or “1-2FT.”  Underneath that in the corner is the temperature of the water.  When the user clicks on “details” the tides will come up as well as swell breakdown, sunrise/set, and best conditions for the day.  Clicking on forecast will bring a more in-depth, wordy description of the waves for the next couple of days.  The “Community” tab at the bottom allows the user to learn more news, about the Oakley Team Riders, Photos, and Videos.  After the “Community” tab there is also a “Settings” tab.  Free in the app store, this is a definite, great to have app for summer.


So if you’re a local looking for some more interesting applications to have on your phone or if you’re a benny looking for some help; always trust in your iPhone.  These above mentioned apps are sure to help you along your way to the best beach vacation, ever!

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