Transition Your Cooking From Summer to Fall with Fav Recipes!



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Wondering how it is going to be possible to transition your summer cooking habits to those of the winter?  Well, with Fav Recipes, this is very possible.


This is a great application that allows the user to explore several different categories including: appetizers, coups, salads, seafood, chicken, beef, pork, lab, pasta, vegetarian, side dishes, and desserts.  With such a wide variety of cooking types, the ideas included are sure to tickle your fancy somehow. 


Upon opening the app, the user will see all of the categories that the app has to offer.  When clicking on the category that they want to learn more about, another menu opens.  This menu contains ideas and recipes that have to do with that category.  For instance, Appetizers opens up ideas and recipes for Bruschetta, Mushroom Gruyere Crostini, and many more! 


The user then has the option to check off the recipe if they want to try it, which brings up another screen.  In the second screen, the user will find a picture of what the finished product will look like and several other options.  A short synopsis of how long it will take to prepare and cook and its difficulty, the ingredients tab, and the directions tab.  The amount of people that the recipe serves is also indicated and it can be altered so that the recipe will change to suite the users needs. If the user has already tried that recipe, they can check off the little circle, indicating that they have in fact already tried that recipe.  


On the directions tab, the user also has the option to rotate the device for step-by-step directions via pictures to make the process much more simple.  This is very useful for people who learn better with photos rather than reading and find this method better when cooking. 


Back to the main screen before choosing a category, the user has the option to add things to a shopping list (perhaps things they’ll use making recipes they learn) and the shopping aisle that they’re in.  Perhaps you are planning a party, there is a menu tab for that.  The menu tabs allows the user to plan out any given menu.  Finally, there is a video tab.  This is a great addition to the app.  The video tab allows the user to watch videos with step by step directions and a finished result.


There of course is the option to add any recipe to a favorites and share the recipes as well. 


Fav Recipes is a very helpful tool and can be found in the app store now for only $0.99, check it out here!

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