Stay or Fold?

          What are the true benefits of folders?  Clearly, folders can be a very helpful element of the iPhone for better organization.  With folders, the user is able to put “like” applications together.  Not only this, but if there are multiple people using the iPhone (perhaps a family), applications can be grouped appropriately.  For instance say the phone belonged to the father of the family but the kids download game applications and the father wants to keep the phone more organized, he can use folders.  In the more common case, if there is a singular user to the phone, it can also help organize things for just that one user.  Gathering perhaps news applications and weather applications together or phone, mail, and text together. 

            Whatever one chooses to gather into their folders; they are also able to name the folder (give it a label).  With the ability to have 180 folders on ones phone and the fact that twelve applications fit in each folder claims, “…is a great way to use all those gigabytes of storage available in iPhone 4.”  The practicality of the folders application its astronomical.

            Being able to condense all of the pages on ones iPhone to a simple, more organized fashion makes everyday living so much more convenient.  So if anyone out there has not taken advantage of the folders feature on their iPhone, check into it and see if it is something that would work for that specific lifestyle. 

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            The reason for a sudden shout out to the folders application is because I wanted to create more of a conversation to see what is specific to everyone’s lifestyle.   It seems that’s sometimes, although the folders feature can act as an assistant; it can also act as an annoyance.  Some people may also feel more comfortable with the traditional iPhone layout; with apps displayed.  Afterall there is the spotlight feature; which enables the user to search for an application whether they are all layed out (like a traditional iPhone) or in folders.  Enlighten me..




So did you stay, or did you fold?


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