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So are you tired of Facebook yet?  Granted, there probably are people that are tired of using the same social networking sites for so long.  Personally, my two favorites are Twitter and Instagram.  Check out a new one: Mumbo.


Mumbo is a social networking application for the iPhone that allows users to share their lives with one another.  The application has really cool capabilities that other social networking applications do not offer like sharing memes and a different way of sharing locations.


Open up Mumbo and the user will see the main screen that is similar to a news feed.  This is where the user will see all friend activity.  Also here, the user as the option to publish a text, photo, location, poll or meme post.


When sharing a text post, the user can type whatever they want and post it and they also have the option to share on Facebook and Twitter.  To share a photo, the user can take a new one or choose an existing.  After choosing which one the user wants to share, they have so many options to edit their photo and add quirks such as message bubbles, colors, stamps and more. 


The location post is very innovative.  Let the application find the users location and then post it on the newsfeed to share it with friends.  The application displays many local businesses to chose from that you are surrounding and the opportunity to create and add your own. 


Creating a poll is very easy and an immediate way to friends to share input in the newsfeed.  The user puts the poll question in with two choices for friends to vote.  The option is easy to add a photo with the poll and share with friends on Facebook or Twitter.


Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the application is for the user to publish their own memes.  The option for the user is to publish one based off of their own idea’s or use a previously popular one. 


Aside from the options to share, there is a side menu based of the main page.  Clicking the home button will take to the home screen.  The favorite button will load favorite chats as well as the archive button will load archived chats.  The friends button will load the users friends and provide the opportunity to find more friends as well as the Mumbo Welcome Wagon.  The MWW allows users to meet new people and share text and photos.


The groups section on the application allows users to create groups to stay in touch, according to the app.  This is great for organization.  Then of course there is the settings button, where one can manage.


Another interesting thing about the application is that users can comment on anything someone posts.  Also, they can re-create and edit photos that people post as well. 


The social aspect of this application is great and the best part?  Its free!  Check out Mumbo in the app store, here!

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