Movie Awards Trivia: Will You Know it All?

Okay, so this is probably one of the cooler applications that I have seen in a long time.  Have you ever felt like giving yourself a run for your money in Movie Awards Trivia?  Well, look no further than this application! 


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I like the graphics of this app, I think they are really cool and cute.  The app has a theme, movies, and when starting to play the game a soft and sweet little melody starts to play that accompanies the game (you do have the option to shut off this music if it doesn’t agree with you).


Open the application and you have a couple of options.  You have the option to choose a category or to just start the game.  If you select a category, the ones that the app offers are between the years of 1920’s-present (separated of course).  There are also two choices: one for actors and one for actresses and then of course you can just play all.


If from the get-go the user just chooses to “start game,” that’s fine too!  Immediately you are taken into the game and a question is posed.  There are four choices for the answer and you are racing against the clock!  When you are done answering the question, you can click on the photos and look at them in full screen mode for your enjoyment. 


To select the answer to the questions, just simply check the corners of the photos.  When you are done, be sure to click on “answer” to stop the clock.  At all times, you can share on facebook, you can e-mail, or you can see your score and how long its taking you to answer the question!


When you are done playing the game, the “game over” screen comes up where you can enter your name.  Do so and you are done!  To go back and view your scores return to the main page and click, “scores.”  Incase you forget to play, there is an option to also learn “how to play,” and then an option to see a slideshow of actors and actresses! 


Check it out, here, for a low price of $0.99!

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