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One of the best things about being obsessed with applications for the iPhone, is discovering new things and learning more about them.  Recently I was introduced to this application and learning about it was definitely a process, but worth it.  So if you want a challenge of learning about something new, check out this interesting IV Infusion Controller.

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When you open the application, there are six options: Set Mode I, Set Mode II, Check Mode, Treatment Timer, Drop Factor and, Help. 


When you chose Set Mode at first, this is where you set the flow rate.  The user can chose the drop factor whether it is 20 or 60.  After this, you enter the volume and time and press enter, then let the monitoring begin.  After pressing done, the user can see the drip interval and the treatment timer.


When selecting the Check Mode, this is where you check the flow rate.  The drop factor is on the top and then the user can, “touch down on the assigned screen over five times continuously whenever a drop falls in the drip.”  After this, the user can click treatment time and view the volume and time.


In the Treatment Timer, it is simply a list.  Here, the user can regulate all the lists that they have going.  There is also the option to refresh.


The drop factor is where you can regulate everything about the drop.  The options are the input, sound control and waggle.  There is also a help option and also for more information. 


In doing more research on the application, it seems that with this innovation, it will help doctors and nurses be able to measure, evaluate, and monitor flow rates.


Check out this application in the app store, here, now!

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