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Probably the best thing about having access to every type of social media outlet on your phone is being able to connect to the world.  Every single day there are more and more ways to contact people from places you never even knew existed.  This application will help you do this in a fun, exciting way.


Try out iThrowU.  This is an application where the user can take a photo or type up words and “throw it” to another individual that the phone chooses for you.  There are opportunities to comment on the photos, or drop them, and some editing on photos that the user sends themselves.


So lets get into the app.  On the first page, the user can find their “catches.”  The catches are ones that other people from around the world have thrown to you.  Here you can find photos or text (the application calls them quotes). 


On the catches screen, you have the option to throw it back out to other people with a small button that looks like a paper airplane.  Other than this, there is also the trash bin button that fives the user the option to “drop” the photo, essentially deleting it.  Next to this button, there is a button with a star inside which will show the location and the journey of your “throw.”  After that button is the comments button and the information button where you can do just that: view comments and get information.  The number under the information button indicates the amount of comments there are on the throw.  The comments that are most recent are shown under the throw.


On the trophy screen, there are the challenges of the week.  Challenges of the week are what make the application pretty interesting.  It is here, that the user can take a photo or use text to represent the challenge/theme of the week.  They have the option on the screen to take the challene, see the current challengers, and see the previous winners. 


The main button on the main screen is the throw button.  This is the largest one and allows the users to create their own throw and sent it across the world.  Take a photo or type some text and literally make the “throwing” motion with your iphone and chuck it to someone, anywhere!  There are options to change to the front or back facing camera, cancel your throw or edit as well.  Not only are you allowed to create new media, but use from your photo album as well. 


The next button looks like a bar graph.  This button represents the top ten throws at that current time, and finally the profile screen.  This allows the user to update their profile and connect with Facebook to share their throws.  It is here that the user can see their throws, get help with the application, and log out.


Check out iThrowU.  The application is very cool and an interesting way to connect with people all around the world.  Best part about the app?  Its completely free!  Check it out in the apple store here, and start sharing!

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