Inside Pandora's Box: What Will We Find?


            Aren’t you interested to see whats inside Pandora’s box?  I thought so.  Well with Pandora Radio for the iPhone, it is much easier to make that happen.  Pandora Radio is an internet radio application for the device that allows the user to create their own channels specific to their likes an dislikes.  Music listening becomes much easier with this application because the user does not have to sit and listen to songs they do not like. 

            When using the application, the first thing you do is create your own station.  To make this happen, you search an artist or song.  After doing so, you chose the artist or song that corresponds best with the search that you did.  Once doing so, the song, or a song by the artist will come up. 

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            There are other controls on the application as well.  If the user does not like the song that is playing, there is simply a “thumbs down” button that can be pressed and the song will be changed.  If the user likes the song, there is a “thumbs up” button to press so that Pandora knows you like those types of songs. 

            In between the thumbs up and thumbs down buttons there is a small arrow pointing up.  This arrow, when tapped, gives the user five selections.  The user is able to bookmark the song, bookmark the artist, buy the song from iTunes, Email the station, or cancel.  Right next to the thumbs up button there is a play/pause button so that one can easily play/pause and then a fast forward button.  The fast forward button is to changed the song without Pandora thinking you don’t like the song currently playing.  Right below all of these controls, there is the volume control.

            On the top right, there is a button with bullets and lines.  If tapped, the button provides a short biography about the artist currently playing.  Not only this, but the song playing also has some information.  The album art is shown as well.  Alongside the button with bullets and lines, there is an arrow to click back to the stations programmed on your phone.  When selecting quick mix, a little bit of each station goes together to provide the user with an eclectic mix of music using all the stations created. 

            On the main display, there are four options: stations, new station, bookmarks, and settings.  The stations tab shows the users stations, the new station tab allows the user to search a new station, the bookmarks tab displays the bookmarked songs/artists, and the settings tab shows the version, username and whether or not the user chooses to have higher quality audio or not.  Also a selection is to sign out.  Another option on the settings tab is whether or not the users wants to upgrade to Pandora One, which is $36 per year.  Essentially the user is paying for an add free version of Pandora. 

            Pandora is a very interesting and specialized application for radio listening.  The best thing about the application is that the user is able to choose what they want to hear at all times.  The Internet radio Pandora is definitely worth the download, especially since the app is completely free.  They also have a website where one can learn more.  


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