Getting 'Snap Happy' Over Here! Incase: Snap Case.


            I come to you with another case review.  I was reluctant to do this because I had recently reviewed a case; but I really wanted to also review the free case that I have finally received from Incase through the Apple iPhone 4 Case Program.  There was a decent selection for the cases including companies such as Incase, Belkin, Griffin and Speck.  If you wanted to get really into it, you could look up the price and specifics on every single case.  Sense the case is a free one though; I really didn’t get completely into it like that, I just chose the case that best fit my lifestyle. 

            The case chosen was the Incase Snap Case.  If not free, the cost would have been $34.95.  On the website, the case was described as one that is, “precision-engineered to be the lightest weight case in our iPhone 4 product offering… attaches easily and securely, providing device coverage, scratch protection and direct access to all iPhone 4 features.”  For the most part, this description stays true. 

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            The case is extremely light which makes it feel like there really is no case on the phone.  The colors offered on the website are black and white which is a completely different twist from the previous case that I owned for my iPhone 4.  The case covers over the entire phone and leaves the spaces for the charger, head phones, volume buttons, speakers, and lock button to be exposed.  Another likeable feature of the case is that it is very tight for its weight; making it a sleek fit to the phone.  It feels as though when you put the case on the phone it is specialized to the phone like memory foam.  The hard-shell construction of the case also aids in protection because of the necessity to make the phone more tough, rugged and sturdy. 

            Really there are no huge complaints about the case.  The only thing that takes a little bit of getting used to is the feel of the case.  Because of the hard-shell aspect, the plastic on the back is a little different feeling.  When one is to put the phone down on the table though; it is the hard-shell that protects it from picking up a scratch.  Worrisome also though is the face of the phone and the main screen.  The sides of the case do come up a little bit to surround the screen but not as much as I would like to see for protection of the main screen.  The case easily slides in and out of ones pocket as well so the functionality is an A+. 


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