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So, its time to get real here.  How many blogs do you follow?  Sometimes, following blogs can get extremely overwhelming!  Although it may be fun, its not always easy to keep all of your RSS feeds together and you might, in the end, worry about missing something!  News feeds and weather reports?  Easy to manage with this application!  Always on the go?  Try Feeds Wire.

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With accolades currently such as #1 New in the News category and earning its place in the top 50 Free Apps in the app store, this one is sure to amaze.


Feeds Wire is very simple to use.  Keeping track of things is very easy.  With a simple home screen that everything is based off of, the user does not have to worry about getting lost or confused.


Adding and managing blogs, news outlets, and weather reports is simple from searching for them, to placing them in categories.  Actually putting the websites that are being searched for in categories is the best benefit of the website.  The search bar that is provided allows the user to search by the actual name of the website, or keywords.


This is a benefit because the search will bring up a large spectrum of websites and outlets, as opposed to simply one website; therefore, not limiting the search.   


The categorical organization is great because it allows for the user to make browsing through their RSS feed a lot easier.  This feature of the application is a huge plus.  When the user wants to add a news outlet, or some other blog or website to their Feeds Wire home page into a certain category, they can find that category on their list of feeds, and add directly to that category.  This makes the organization, that much easier.


Eliminating RSS Feeds that are not being used, is very simple.  All that needs to be done here, is the click of the button in the corner of where that feed is listed. 


When wanting to read a certain RSS Feed, for example ABC News, the user can click and read very easily in simple, easy to read print.  Several stories pop-up, and this allows the user to glance over any they do and do not want to read.  Another plus?  Users can follow ANY RSS feed they need or want to!  Social networking, news, weather, national, local.


Over all, this application is a great way to stay organized.  Try out this free, simple, application in the app store today!


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