Get Kik'd Into Gear This Holiday!


            As an iPhone user, have you ever wondered what its like to BBM?  Well, whether you have or haven’t, “kik” is an application that allows you to have that experience.  Rising in popularity among iPhone users in my circle, kik has its advantages. 

            Instead of having a pin, one operates kik under a username.  Upon downloading kik, the application prompts the user to create a username that they will not forget and that is easy to share with friends, family, coworkers and the like.  Once doing so, you are ready to go. 

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            When opening kik, it goes directly to the chats that the user has already initiated.  If there are no chats yet initiated, then it will be blank.  There are four options, one in each corner of the screen.  There is the option to edit, where the user can delete conversations if necessary.  Also, there is the option to create a new chat where the user must type in the username of the person they are trying to reach.  In the bottom left corner there is a picture of an address card.  When clicking on the symbol, the users contest list pops up for choices of who to “kik.”  Finally in the bottom right hand corner, there is the settings tab.

            The settings tab is the main tab where mostly everything is controlled.  There are multiple options to click including: tell a friend about kik, account information, help, your name (as displayed), notification and appearance options. 

            The application is simple and organized.  The chats are represented as “box bubbles,” just like a text message to the iPhone.  The best part about communicating through kik is the fact that kik lets the user know when the message that was sent, is received.  There is a symbol with the letter “R” and a check mark, that represents this.  Not only this, but sent and delivered are represented with their respective beginning initial as well.  Another thing that can be included in any message is an emoticon, unlike a typical iPhone text message.  The ability to clear conversations and return back to the users list of chats is also available when typing a message. 

            All in all, kik is a great application for one that wants to experience what it is like to BBM.  It is also just another way to communicate if one has contacts that perhaps they do not want to know their phone number.  Compare the following (Kik on the top and iphone texting on the bottom).  Try it for yourself in the app store today for free!


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