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So as a Senior in college, I am basically stressed out all of the time.  I can imagine that there are so many other people that are stressed on a daily basis.  With that being said, here is an app that you can try out that can maybe channel your stress a little bit more than you previous have in the past!


When opening up the application, there is a general welcome screen.  On this menu/welcome screen, there are five options: new text, archives, scorecard, website and share.  The option first, is for the user to chose the “Stressed Life Area.”


There are a couple of options for the user to select and one option to add your own area.  Once that is selected, the user goes through a whole bunch of other questions to better channel the stress in their life. 


Another interesting part of the application is that it allows the user to write what the best possible outcome of the stressful situation would be in their opinion.  Another question that the app prompts is, “What is the key challenge you face in achieving your desired outcome?”


After these questions, the user will answer a series of questions where they chose on a scale of one to five.  When the questions are done, there is an option to get the results. 


In the results, there is a “Stress Shift Tester Results.”  The chart/graph displays how much the user seeks approval or avoids approval, and how much they are under or over control.  After the user views the graph, they can get an analysis or shift to make things better.


This application is very interesting and can help anyone who is a little bit lost or stressed in their life.  Try it out in the app store, here!

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My name is Brittany Irvine and I am twenty-two years of age! I am a Journalism major at my University in New Jersey. I have written for the Asbury Park Press and now write for iPhonelife! I currently possess an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts which in the process I graduated Cum Laude, a member of the National Honor Roll and a member of Phi Theta Kappa. Contact me at britirvine@yahoo.com or follow me on twitter at twitter.com/brittanyirvine.