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Far Out, Man: Astral Worlds 3D!



Astral 3D Worlds is a far out app.  With a display of galactic energy and space matter, the application takes the user into a world of the unknown! 


With the expression of so many colors and patterns, the application stimulates thought and relaxation in a cool way. 


Upon opening the app, the user will see the twelve different Astral Worlds to view.  When the user selects one, the entire screen turns into space magic.  Similar to a kaleidoscope, colors will swirl around and around to stimulate senses or promote relaxation. 


To increase the speed of the flying colors, tap the top of the screen.  To decrease the speed of the colors, tap the bottom of the screen.  There is also the ability for the user to take a screen shot of the Astral World that they are currently in. 


Try out Astral Worlds for Free in the app store today!

photo: http://www.apple.com

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