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            Have you ever wondered where you could take to figure out what news is going on in the industrial world?  Ever wanted to keep up with the latest industrials news to see how it was going to impact you?  Look no further than the as an application in the app store that is most worth checking out.  The Thomasnet application is completely free from the apple store, and provides up to date news stories and information useful to anyone. 

            There are three sections of the application when it is running: the news section, the imt section and the twitter section.  The news section sheds light on the newest technological creations.improvements that are in the news.  For instance a new dome camera, and how “Electromagnetic Flowmeters handle wastewater, pulp, food  slurries.”  The news section of Thomasnet Mobile (name of the app) is very useful, mostly because of its wide range of news in the technology world. 

            The second section of the application is the imt  (industry market trends) section.  This section has articles that can explain how one can take knowledge they have, and apply it to today’s industrial world.  There are informative articles on “Improving Employee Training,” and how to sharpen skills. 

            The final section of the application deals with Twitter.  As it is publicly known, the importance of Twitter being incorporated in a business seems almost essential today.  The advantage of having Twitter in the application is great.  One is able to tweet an article read on Thomasnet Mobile, and it lists tweets that Thomasnet has tweeted recently. 

            When reading any article on Thomasnet Mobile, there are four options, other than cancel, that one can chose.  The user can send the particular story in an email, share it on facebook, share it on twitter or view it in the browser.  When the article gets opened it brings the user to the website where one can search for anything from corrugated boxes to titanium plates.

            Be sure to visit the apple store to download the app and find out more about the Thomasnet Application and website.

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