Create your own book from the palm of your hand with your own images!



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Have you ever wanted to create your own book with photos that you have taken as illustrations?  With this app, Book Writer, it is now very easy to do just that.


Open the application and click the plus sign in the top right hand corner of the interface.  Clicking this, will allow the user to chose a template at first.  After choosing one, the user goes on to create their own book by making a title and the rest of the pages.


The options for the cover page are to use their own photo and insert text wherever they want it to be.  After creating the cover page, the user will go on to complete the rest of their own book page by page.  On each page, the user will write their ideas and add photos to create a story of their liking. 


Upon completion of the book, the user has a couple of options: email the book, send it to iTunes or iBooks, send to collections, and send a PDF or print.  Also, the creator of the book can formulate a duplicate book if they would like. 


This application is very cool because allows the user to create and make ideas come alive all from the iPhone.  Try it out in the app store here!

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