Catch some Zzzzzzz's.


I know that school is starting back up again and often that is the source for almost all stress in my body.  A lot of the time, I stay up late hours and have trouble maintaining a normal sleeping pattern.  Being that this happens, I always am looking for something interesting that can help me relax or calm down just the littlest bit.

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If you are interested in something like this, try out Vitamind Doc Sleep.  Doc Sleep is really interesting for a couple of reasons.  What the application does, is it plays soothing noises to calm as well as an underlying tone that works hand in hand to slowly drift you to sleep. 


Chose which session you would like and then choose the natural element you would like in your session as well (BGM).  The session side and the BGM side both have their own settings.  Chose to make the volume louder on either one and you can pause either one at any given time. 


The user can save any combination that they like by clicking the star in the upper right hand corner of the interface.  The alarm feature allows you to set an alarm for the application and the clock feature allows you to set a session for a certain length. 


Sit back, relax and enjoy life with Vitamind.  Once in a while we all need a little bit of a break right?  Check it out in the app store, here!

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