Candy Shell Casts Protective Spell


            Since it’s release early to mid-summer, iPhone 4 has been one of the popular topics of the Apple circle.  With all its capabilities and advanced software/hardware, there seems to be a question looming amongst everyone’s minds: How are we to protect this precious device? 

            As we have learned, the iPhone 4 has a different design and a different body than its previous relatives.  With its height at 4.5 inches, width at 2.31 inches, depth at 0.37 inches and its weight at 4.8 ounces (, the device requires much more of an advanced protection.  Not only this; however the cellular reception and wifi “antenna” are greatly influenced by the users caution as well. 

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            With all of that said, basically protection is the most important thing for this device.


            Prior to purchasing the iPhone 4, I learned about the Case Program that Apple is offering to users who purchase the phone before September 30, 2010.  The concept is simple: If the phone is purchased before the 30th of September 2010, the user is eligible for a case or bumper completely free.  All one must do is download the application to their iPhone 4 called, “Case Program,” sign in using a pre-existing account or create a new one and chose the case or bumper.  The only two downfalls to this offer is that one must apply thirty days after the receipt of the device and the shipping duration ranges between 2-6 weeks.  For complete details on the Case Program please visit the following:


            Being that one of the downfalls of the program is that it takes so long to actually receive the case (mostly, I’m sure because of high volume), it leaves you stranded with no protection for the phone.  I went ahead and purchased a temporary case for the phone from my local AT&T store that costed roughly $35.  The case was a Speck Case of their “Candy Shell” Collection. 

            The case is very trendy I must admit.  The website is true to its boast about how “tasty” it is and its “sweet looks.”  The case has a harder shell and a softer inside, which I like because the phone is resting in a softer, “nest” while it is being protected intensely with the harder outer shell incase it hits the ground or something else, for instance. 



            Another something about the case that I do like is the fact that it is raised above the screen a little bit.  What is meant here is that perhaps the phone was to fall face down it gives a little bit of leeway for the screen making a complete contact with the ground at a large impact.  The lock, and volume buttons have a rubbery covering over them, which sometimes would leave one in doubt of whether or not they raised the volume or locked the phone.  The rubbery covering for the case is okay; but not the best feature of the case. 

            Charging the phone is of upmost importance.  A car charger will not fit into the phone with the case on it.  To charge the phone with an outlet plug though, it will work with the case on the device.  There is a hole for the headphones spot along with the “volume rocker” being exposed, the speakers on the bottom and the camera. 

            Overall the Candy Shell Case leaves me feeling satisfied that my phone will remain safe.  Technically isn’t that what we are all after when looking for the best case?  Functional, stylish, but most of all making the phone the safest it can be.  With the CandyShell Case that is offered in several colors, there sure is a case for everyone in this collection.


To get your hands on one, see where theyre sold,  or browse their other collections visit:

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