The iPhone Life Podcast

Episode 096 - Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy the New iPad Pro

In the live taping of episode 96 following Apple’s iPad event in Brooklyn, Donna, Sarah, and David tell you all the important details about the new iPad Pro line in order to help you make your purchase decision. Is Face ID, an edge-to-edge display, and an Apple Pencil that charges wirelessly enough to make the new tablet worth the expensive price tag? Also, tune in to hear why David thinks the newly released MacBook Air missed the mark.

Episode 095 - What to Expect from Apple's October iPad Announcement

In the extended Insider version of the 95th episode, Donna, David, and Sarah delve into everything we're expecting from Apple's October 30th event in Brooklyn, New York. Tune in to hear the latest iPad, MacBook, AirPod, and AirPower rumors ahead of the big announcement day. Exclusive content topics includes Safari versus Chrome as well as tips for cutting down on your social media addictions.

Episode 094 - Do You Read on Your iPhone?

In the extended, ad-free version of the 94th episode for Insider members, the team discusses the pros and cons of reading books on their iPhones, using a Kindle, listening to audiobooks, or buying old-fashioned paperbacks. Other topics include how to take advantage of iOS 12's location-based Do Not Disturb settings, tuning apps for musicians, and an iPhone game that has recently become Sarah’s guilty pleasure.


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