The iPhone Life Podcast

Episode 109 - Hands on with Apple's Second-Gen AirPods

In the 109th episode of the iPhone Life Insider Podcast, tune in as Sarah, Donna, and David share their experiences with Apple’s second-generation wireless earbuds. They also discuss Apple’s last-minute cancellation of the AirPower mat it promised in 2017. In the exclusive portion of the podcast, learn Insider tips on how to get Siri to understand you better and to stop talking back at you in public spaces. Also, find out what happens if you reset your iPhone settings (spoiler, you're not going to like it)!

Episode 108 - The Best Apps for Reading, Podcast Listening & Cleaning

In the 108th episode of the iPhone Life Insider Podcast, tune in as the team shares their favorite apps for reading, listening to podcasts, and getting on a good cleaning routine at home. Stick around for an exclusive Insider discussion of how to manage your app subscriptions on the iPhone.

Episode 107 - What to Make of Apple's Foray into News, TV, Gaming & Credit Card Services

This special episode of the iPhone Life Insider Podcast looks at Apple’s pivot from devices to services with the announcement of Apple News Plus, Apple TV Plus, Apple Arcade, and the Apple Card. Sarah, David, and Donna go over the details of each service, and help answer the question—are they worth the money? Stick around for the Insider exclusive portion, where they'll tell you everything you need to know about Apple's second-generation AirPods, including the details on wireless charging, battery life, hands-free Siri, and the improved chip.

Episode 106 - Apple Updates iPads & AirPods Ahead of March 25 Services Event

In the 106th episode of the iPhone Life Insider Podcast, David, Donna, and Sarah share an overview of Apple's brand new iPad Air and iPad mini and explore the tradeoffs of the five tablets the tech giant now offers. They also discuss what to expect from Apple's March 25 services announcement based on the latest rumors. Tune in next week for a special episode immediately following the Apple Announcement. Other topics covered just for Insiders include sharing contacts, texting photos with iOS 12, and how to find emojis faster. Note: After this episode was recorded, Apple announced the release of new AirPods with a wireless charging case

Episode 105 - Use Your iPhone as a Magnifying Glass, Manage Group Messages & More

In the 105th episode of the iPhone Life Insider Podcast, Donna teaches you how to use your iPhone as a magnifying glass, Sarah shares tips for managing group messages, and David explains why you should buy a leather Apple Watch band from Nomad. Exclusive content includes tips for sending money with Siri, avoiding iPhone addiction, and figuring out what emojis mean.


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