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Episode 132 - Social Distancing, iPhone Sanitization & Apps for Staying Connected

For the 132nd episode, Donna and David share their best tips and tricks for staying safe and connected while practicing social distancing. This episode is a rebroadcast of a free workshop Donna and David led from their homes focused on how to use your iPhone during the coronavirus pandemic. Topics include iPhone sanitization tips, how to use telehealth services to manage symptoms from home, and apps for working remotely and communicating with friends.

Episode 131: What Apps Do You Keep in Your iPhone Dock?

In episode 131, David and Donna show you how to move icons in and out of your iPhone and iPad dock so you can be quick on the draw with your favorite apps. Other topics include how to eliminate pesky Apple Watch notifications that tell you to do things like breathe or stand up. Stick around to find out if using Shazam in public is a social faux pas. In the exclusive Insider section, they'll share their latest adventures using Find My to track down lost AirPods and the new Apple Maps feature they're loving.

Episode 130 - Our Favorite Dark Mode Shortcut, Self Timer Tips & Astrology App That Will Analyze Your Life

In the 130th episode, David and Donna share a shortcut for enabling Dark Mode, self timer tips for capturing group photos, and the astrology app they can't get enough of this week. For Insiders, they dedicate a special section to Apple CarPlay. They share their improvement requests and why they’ll never buy a car without CarPlay again.

Episode 128 - What Is 5G, When Will It Be Available on the iPhone & Is it Dangerous?

In the 128th episode, members of the iPhone Life team answer your questions about 5G—What is it? When and where will it be available? Do we need a special phone in order to access it? Is it safe to use? Joining the show is Michael Schill, CEO of internet service provider Natel Broadband (and Donna's dad!), to explain how 5G technology works, explore the possibilities it opens up, and to address health concerns regarding the safety of 5G. Exclusive content includes group messaging workarounds, tips on how to fly a DJI drone, and recommendations for buying a smart plug.

Episode 126 - Get Festive with These Holiday Apps, Movies, Music & Podcasts

Discover the best apps, movies, music & podcasts to enjoy over the holidays with this fan-favorite episode from 2018. From cooking apps for a festive dinner to interactive iPhone games for the whole family, this episode will give you everything you need for a merry, cheerful end to the year. Note: Our next episode will be January 9, 2020, where we'll be reporting live from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on all the most innovative gear for the iPhone!


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