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Werner Ruotsalainen is an iOS and Java programming lecturer who is well-versed in programming, hacking, operating systems, and programming languages. Werner tries to generate unique articles on subjects not widely discussed. Some of his articles are highly technical and are intended for other programmers and coders.

Werner also is interested in photography and videography. He is a frequent contributor to not only mobile and computing publications, but also photo and video forums. He loves swimming, skiing, going to the gym, and using his iPads. English is one of several languages he speaks.

The One and Only Real iPhone Web Browser Roundup


While the iPhone’s built-in Web browser, Safari, is a pleasure to use, it still has some missing functionality. Some of these:

Another revolutionary multiplatform utility by me: add "find in page" support to most mobile web browsers!!!


I’ve long been complaining about the lack of any “find in page” functionality in most mobile Web browsers.

Gaming Strategy Guide: Sentinel by Origin8


Despite the low price ($2), probably one of the best Tower Defense games for the iPhone is Sentinel by Origin8. The title is highly popular; no wonder a sequel has just been announced, slated for June. I highly recommend it - apart from the repetitive in-game music, it's excellent.

A review of Windows 7 & tips & never-before-published hacks

Why a Windows 7 article in a blog dedicated to mobile devices? you may ask. Because I also elaborate on strictly mobility-related questions (including synchronizing iPhones to W7) as well - something you'll unlikely find in any other Windows 7 article. Please head over to the Smartphone & Pocket PC Mag blog for the article.





Web browser roundup & comparison heavily updated

I've heavily updated my latest Web browser roundup & comparison (which, incidentally, has been frontpaged at WM Power User and MobilitySite in the meantime) with, among other things, a straightforward Verdict section and a lot of more info. 

FULL ROUNDUP: Browsing the Web on Windows Mobile just like on iPhone

Ever wanted to know how Windows Mobile Web browsers compare to Safari on the iPhone? Then, read my latest full tutorial & comparison at http://www.smartphonemag.com/cms/blog/9/full-roundup-browsing-web-windows-mobile-just-iphone-incl-iem6-review


Develop iPhone applications on your PC: Installing OS X on PC’s (and, particularly, the IBM Thinkpad T42p)


(Important note: as of 29/12/2008 22:16 CET, the inline images aren’t visible. My database provider is working on fixing the problem; hope it’ll very soon be fixed.)

Great game rebates and other news


Before I, finally, publish the iPhone Gaming bible Part I, some news for you all.

ngmoco:) news

ngmoco:) is one of the best games developer for the iPhone / iPod Touch. They're celebrating the upcoming (on 12/18) release of their new, really promising puzzle-platformer title, Rolando.

BEST strategy game Orions: Legend of Wizard out for the iPhone! + Strategy Guide


In my opinion, the best turn-based strategy game ever released for Windows Mobile, Orions: Legend of Wizard, has just been released at a very low introductory price ($1.99 / 1.79 euros). (On the screenshot below, this isn’t visible as I’ve purchased it from AppStore right away; hence the “Installed” tag. With the, compared to Windows Mobile or other platforms, really cheap AppStore prices, it was a no-brainer for me. After all, I’ve paid $20 for the first two episodes on Windows Mobile – and it was already a, IIRC, 20% rebate.)

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